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Enablement Platform for Online Marketplaces

Partner with the Global Community

Online marketplaces enhance consumer trust and safety when they promote user reputation transparency – #ReputationMatters

Peer-to-Peer Background Verification

Business-To-Customer & Customer-To-Customer


Universal Background Checks - Know Your Customer (KYC)

Improve marketplace compliance and your customer identity, reputation and safety program.

Assure your users

Give your customers confidence that identity verification and customer safety is your company’s top priority.


Partnership Benefits

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Social alignment with the global community
  • Send the message that Consumer safety is your #1 priority
  • Sustainable CSR program
  • Measure Triple Bottom Line ROI
  • Turn-Key Public-Private Partnership program

Preventive Risk Management

  • Reduce unintended exposure from negative outcomes enabled by your platform
  • Preventive measure against future liabilities
  • Boosts user and stakeholder confidence in management
  • Reduce potential harmful outcomes from user-to-user interactions.
  • Reduces potential fraudulent activity on your platform

Brand Development Communications

  • Competitive Advantage: Alignment with the “Global Community” 500+ million followers
  • Builds positive speculation on market-share growth with key stakeholders
  • Increased Commerce: Trust and Safety draws more consumers to participate on platforms
  • Multi-Organization marketing initiative to promote marketplace safety

Implementation Opportunities


API offers maximum flexibility for seamless integration of the Reputation Badge into your user experience.


SDK makes integration quick and easy to place the Reputation Badge onto your platform.


With a few lines of code, our pre-made embeddable widgets display the standard Reputation Badge quickly and easily.

A United Stand - Impact Partners

The alignment of Public-Private Partnerships creating impact for social good.