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Our Mission

To advocate for online marketplaces to adopt a globally accepted reputation scoring engine and public peer-to-peer background verification platform that will make online marketplace interactions more transparent for their customers.

Consumer adoption of these tools will help platform users make better decisions in shared marketplaces, reducing vulnerabilities. This enhanced transparency between online marketplace users will serve as the benchmark of quality for online safety and security.

In Today’s digital world, our reputations are more important and permanent than ever before; everything is tracked & recorded – but not everyone plays by the rules.

Only 8% of people say they are comfortable engaging in online marketplaces – but 75% of people surveyed report enhanced trust when background information and transparent public records are provided.

Transparency provides an extra layer of trust when people interact with others in online communities.

Why Your Reputation Matters?

what you do today will define you tomorrow. 

Transparency leads to building honest relationships, safety and trust...

#ReputationMatters is a movement to create safer online social communities. 

More than 53% of Americans provide false information on profiles and 85% lie on their resumes. How do we decide who to trust?

When users are online, they expose themselves to being vulnerable to serious and violent crimes.

Why Lack of Online User identity Verification and Transparency is a Problem?

Bad people use the internet to hide behind fake profiles and false reviews to do bad things… Knowledge is safety. Here are the some online marketplace stats;

e-crimes ($)
Identity Fraud – Victims
Abductions – Victims
Murders – Victims

Transparency Creates Trust!

10% of sex offenders use online marketplaces 

16.7 million people are victims of online predators

$1.7 Billion losses from online indemnity fraud cases

1,000s of sexual assaults happen every year from online dating

68% of crimes are committed by repeat offenders


Time to make a stand!

People need to know who is on the other side of an online profile. 



Tag social media posts with #ReputationMatters to signal poor and/or inappropriate behavior – speak loudly about what you believe.


Use online shared marketplaces that provide use reputation scores and data to verify who is on other side of the computer before engaging them in commerce.


Join #ReputationMatters supporting the UN SDGs and social impact events that empowers the global community. Create transparency for trust and safety.


We urge all digital citizens to contact the authorities if they witness an online crime or someone who is about to commit an online crime – protect others.

A United Stand - Impact Partners

The alignment of public-private partnerships is creating an impact for social good.